Circus Circus was a Circus!

Ann: Viva la Vegas?

We made the reservation in May for a week in October at the Circus Circus RV Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. We paid in-full up-front for a “premium” 80-foot space. The RV park was easy to find and access from the Interstate. Our reserved space, however, was already occupied by a 30-foot Class C. They told us they had no record of our reservation, we showed them the receipt, and then they found it. The people at the RV park have no control over anything at the RV park, and apparently have zero knowledge about RVs as well. Everything other than standard checkin has to be handled at the front desk.


Note: The front desk was about a half-mile walk away from the RV checkin.

Note: There is not a full set of crosswalks or sidewalks between the RV checkin desk and the Hotel front desk. Have fun with the buses that are blowing through the stop signs.

Note: You cannot park your RV at the hotel front desk area. We saw people try.

Note: The RV area is a parking lot with hookups. They are even taking out the “pretty” rocks. However, if you’re lucky enough to get one of the few spaces with trees, your RV and patio will be attacked by sprinklers daily.  You’ve been warned!

Note: The RV checkin “parking” area basically blocks the whole entry.

Note: “Premium” spots have a patio area with table and chairs.


So, back in our story…we had arrived at checkin time, and had been assigned a 35-foot space (barely wide enough for slides) for a 43-foot fifth wheel and 22-foot truck… As the RV checkin desk has no power, I walked the half mile to the front desk while Shawn waited in the parking lot. The front desk had a line a half-hour long. The front desk didn’t really seem to understand RVs either. I broke it down, not long enough. Finally, they suggested we find two spots next to each other and gave us a list of available adjoining spaces at least 45-foot in length.

Note: The space lengths on their map are not actual. The map doesn’t correctly show spacers either.  

Note: This is apparently a common problem, as we saw three other fifth wheelers also get assigned spaces too small during our stay.  They were all told they had made their reservations incorrectly.


So, back in the RV park…Shawn is driving around measuring available spaces with our actual fifth wheel trailer. Does this sound like a fun time to you?  It was comedic… Eventually, he finds a space that is actually longer than the RV (without the truck), and we get security hang tags for the two spaces. We weren’t thrilled but an hour and a half after arriving, this was our best choice. Shawn unhooked while I walked back, it was about 100 degrees in that parking lot, with no shade.

A few days go by…Tuesday. Shawn tells the next part of this story…

Shawn: Ann is at her tech conference, AWS re:invent, in a training session, at the Sands Expo in the Venetian. I am sitting outside the RV under the awning wearing some comfy pants, hanging out with Murph-dog, my computer, water, etc. The two security guards that had been riding around the complex on their bicycles, stopped to inform me that I needed to be brought to the front desk IMMEDIATELY.  It went something like this…

“Excuse me, sir.”
“What’s up?”
“We have instructions to bring you to the front desk.”
“What is this regarding?”
“We don’t know, we have a handwritten note to come to this spot and bring Mr. Brady to the front desk.” It was indeed a hand written note on a torn-off piece of paper.
“As soon as I put my dog and stuff away, I’ll come right over.”
“Sorry Mr. Brady, we were instructed to bring you over immediately.”
“Can I go inside to put on proper clothes?”
“Sure, we’ll wait.”

I brought Murphy inside, changed my clothes, grabbed my laptop and iPad and came outside. I informed them that I have MS, a walking disability, and I would drive over. They said they needed to escort me, and so I was walked across the lot to the front desk. It was a long, slow walk, at the peak heat of the day. One armed guard went in front, another armed guard behind me, in their nice bright neon yellow shirts, walking their bicycles. At least I didn’t have to wait in line when I got there…

I talked to two supervisors and a manager. It turns out they were trying to charge us for the second spot, but the credit card didn’t go through because we had changed our zip code. They couldn’t understand why we were in two spots, because there was NOW a “premium” 80-foot space open. They assumed we had reserved the wrong spot because our receipt didn’t say “premium” on it, however, the prices that we paid in advance matched the “premium” spot amount. They chatted amongst themselves, and decided that we should move, after four days, into the “premium” spot. I thanked them, walked all way back, packed up, unhooked, moved the RV, hooked up, and unpacked. AGAIN. For our troubles, they gave us a one-time pass for their buffet, for two, a value of $40. The buffet was actually pretty good. Ann tried all the pie and had more cream puffs than I’ve seen anyone ever eat. Where does she put it?


The rest of the stay was pretty enjoyable. Ann enjoyed swimming in the RV park pool every day and relaxing in the hot tub. The only real nice feature of the RV park is that it has its own, mostly unused pool. We had friends join us at our RV, the pool, and playing chicken-in-a-pot at Circus Circus. My friend Kat joined us for a few days in the “premium” spot and also enjoyed the pool and casino.


Checkout… easy. Drop your tag in a box and leave.

And then… an unexplained charge on our credit card for $136 from the checkout day. We call. We learn MGM owns Circus Circus but MGM Accounting can’t pull up any Circus Circus info, you have to talk to the Hotel front desk. Not walking there, this time! We get one of the supervisors on the phone. Shocking, they remember us. Turns out they charged us for that second spot we had for four days. We are assured that this will be refunded. We wait another week, and the charge is still not refunded. We call again. They still remember us. Apparently, it needed a manager approval, and now it will really be refunded in 7-10 days. Still waiting…maybe next year we stay elsewhere, …or pay cash.

Off to Lake Mead!

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