Live and learn. 

Spent the afternoon driving from Lehi to our new spot in Monticello. We went off the web and found a place that had good reviews and then off we went. 

You know when you get that feeling of dread that tells you this was a bad idea. We showed up at our new campsite and before I even turned the rig into the lot, that feeling was there. Even our pups were feeling it. 

I’m not saying it’s a horrible place or even a run down place, but our new spot is basically in someone’s front yard that they turned into a mini rv park. 

The website looked good and had good reviews but no photos. It has a list of amenities that sounded good but fall short. For the price they are asking I would and do expect much more than what is here. 

We decided to stay until the weekend when we can move out and do some boondocking while looking for another place to go. 



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